The largest and longest-running career fair in Malaysia plays host to our fair as a concurrent event

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The Post-Graduate Education Fair, or PGEF, offers over 500 courses from 100 different institutions. Opportunities comes not only domestically, but extending across the globe including Sweden, Australia, Germany, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Targeting Malaysians aiming to compete on a global scale, the course-inventory stretches to include requirements of every profession, to either penetrate employment or ascend in corporate ranks. The PGEF is a modern library for the inspired, the intelligent and the proactive.

Our Standing Record of Success

Hosted in Malaysia, every individual here aspires for higher education. The PGEF is visited by an average of 35,000 post-graduates every year with a fervour for the best education options. Our fair is not for the passive of heart. Ensuring the reach-out of this message to the public, the event invested into multiple channels including radio announcements, newsletters, Facebook advertisements, and traditional billboards. Visitors will find the pleasurable challenge of choices in abundance among jam-packed crowds eager to explore.

Our event

Our event partners with various influential titles in the field, which allows us to have a high frequency of organisation. Our next closest event will be at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

13-14 April 2019
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Raising the Benchmark – Post-Graduates a Dime in a Dozen

Gone are the days where your post-graduate identity earns you recognition. It is but entry level with the bare minimum of skills in the fast-paced corporate world. You will be competing on various levels for a seat opened to competition with the entire country. There are no rules. The only thing there available is constant development on a personal level.